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Cypress Fence Installation

Are you looking for a reliable fencing company for your fence project? You can trust the Cypress Fencing Company to erect a fence around your commercial or residential property. Our company has been operating for over a decade and has completed several successful projects around Texas. We offer high-quality services and use the best products to design fences for people in Texas and neighboring areas.

Why You Should Choose Us


Our company offers excellent professional cypress fence installation to all clients. One of the key reasons that we have a 5-star rating is because of repeat clients who like our job. Unlike other fence companies, we always strive to deliver professional and reliable services. We also consider your timing to ensure we don’t clash with your regular job. The arrangement enables us to work well during your non-peak hours and ensure that everything is ready on time.

Cost-effective services

Fencing your commercial or residential property is not cheap. You need to work with a company that offers affordable services. Whether you need a wrought iron fence or a custom fence installation, you only need to call us, and we will provide a free consultation. We come to your property, survey it and give a free quote on how much you need to spend on fencing. Remember that you need not break the bank to afford our services and products. Give us a call, and we will offer you the highest quality services at the lowest prices.


Cypress Fencing uses sustainable products to make your fence. Our products have been produced using green energy, making your property look good. In addition, we use modern machines to ensure that the fence is solid and durable. You can remove and relocate it to another area of your property without causing any damage. Using the wrought iron fence saves trees and the planet.

A wide range of services

As a leader in the fencing industry, our company offers a range of services. We can install a backyard fence on your residential properties. We also offer large-scale fencing for commercial properties such as farms and ranches. We do not discriminate on the size of the property, but we do all jobs to perfection. We listen to your needs and consider your thoughts to ensure that the outcome satisfies you. Contact us for fencing, and you will get the best services from a professional fence contractor.

Flexible Services

Our company has a flexible fencing plan, and we execute it to your desire. We can also customize our services to ensure that your needs are met. For example, some large estates need movable fences. We can avail our experts who can readjust the fences to the boundaries required and location.

Good Customer Care

All our clients get excellent and high-quality services for cypress fence installation because we have the best technicians who do the job. We make a same-day response to any message that you will send us on our website.

Other Services that we offer

Wood fence installation

A wood fence is cheaper than a vinyl fence. However, as much as the cost of wood and vinyl is almost the same, the labor cost of installing wood is cheaper. But a good quality and durable wooden fence must be treated well.

Commercial fencing

commercial metal fence

The fencing is done on residential or commercial property.

Residential Fencing

cedar privacy fence with wood posts and kickboard

Residential fences include setting up fences around houses. These include backyard fences and front yard fences, pool fences and gates. The cost depends on the size of your space.

Wrought fence installation

aluminum fence with gate

Wrought iron fence is expensive and easy to install. It also lasts for a long time.

Custom iron fence installation

Ranch Fencing with Wire Mesh

The fence is customized according to your needs and style. We also offer custom driveway gates.

Vinyl fence installation

Vinyl fencing needs expensive labor but few resources to maintain. It has a long lifespan and offers the highest return on investment. This attribute makes most homeowners choose the vinyl fence.

Aluminium Fencing

commercial metal fence

It is modern, glossy, and rust-proof. In addition, it is light and more affordable than wrought iron fence. If you want to decorate your space, aluminium fence is the solution.

 Our Process Before Fence Installation Services

 Step 1: Initial Call

When you call us, we answer as many questions as possible via phone or e-mail. Our staff invites you to our premises to enable us to further discuss the project.

Step 2: Site Visit

We schedule a good time that we could go to the actual property. During the site visit, we determine the best fence and listen to your needs.

Step 3: Proposal Preparation

We will prepare a proposal on the costs and everything needed. Once you review the proposal, you will make the best choice, and we can sign a contract.

Step 4: Fence Construction

Our skilled experts will arrive at your property ready to construct the new fence. We embrace all the safety rules and ensure that your property is cared for during construction.

Step 5: Quality Inspection

Our quality control experts must inspect the fence installed to ensure it is standard. Our team invites you for a fence inspection so that you can ascertain that the fence project is a success.

Reach out to us

Look no further if you are looking for top fence contractors offering the best fencing services. Cypress Fencing is a professional company that provides high-quality services around Cypress TX, and its environments. Unlike other fencing companies, we have met all the building and construction standards and are fully insured. This means that we can pay for any liability that may take place at your property as we offer fence installation services. We have professional fence builders that will handle all your fencing needs. In addition, we use high-quality products and ensure that the outcome is a durable fence. We are a good fence company that delivers an amazing job at a reasonable price. Feel free to call us for a free consultation.

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